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Colour Correcting

Why colour correcting?

Our self tanning drops, water and mousse all contain our unique formulation of colour correcting actives. So heres the down low on why we are so majorly into it … The principle of colour correcting is essentially that of colour theory: So, opposite hues cancel each other out, right? Green tones cancel redness, lilac targets yellow/sallow tones and peach universally brightens. Working on shoots, TV and backstage, Jules found himself customising spray tans with colour correcting powders and foundations to create super bright, even skin tones as well as real looking tans and thats where Isle of Paradise began.

Why we LOVE colour correcting:

– Correct uneven skin tones
– Reduce redness
– Brightens sallow complexions
– Counteract acne associated redness
– Evens discolouration such as hyper-pigmentation
– Less make up required


Our peach tans are amazing for paler skin tones who just want that super healthy, light glow and overall brightening. Tanning virgin or playing it low key? Then this is for you girl. And the reason why? 2 words. OXY-glow™ Technology. Clinically proven to deliver oxygen to the surface of the skin and therefore a brighter, more radiant complexion.


When Jules needs to create a flawless golden glow he reaches for our green tan, which effectively hides redness, stress appearance and inflammation on the skin – The green pigments in our SuperBalance Complex™, are clinically proven to reduce redness and inflammation using the Agastache Mexicana flower. Basically the DREAM.


Colour corrective tanning is a complete no brainer when it comes to creating a dark tan. Our exclusive HyperViolet™ Complex hides orange, yellow and ash tones within the skin to deliver the deepest, most incredible looking tan ever. *disclaimer…prepare yourself to be constantly asked where you have been on your latest vacay.

Check out our colour correcting range here babe!